Protect housing associations

A significant sector of our society faces social destruction through destitution, regardless whether you work or are wholly dependent on benefits, through one of the most ruthless and disgusting rules that has been released: The “Under Occupancy Rule”, commonly termed The Bedroom Tax. Thousands are in financial turmoil, even our Housing Associations are struggling with £100,000’s of arrears. The answer to this problem is to readdress the issue in a more humane manner.

The Government originally wanted us to believe that this Rule would reduce the families who were suffering overcrowding issues, despite the fact the Rule engenders overcrowding.

Now the Government claims it is to keep interest rates down. This rule in the long run will cause only social destruction and destitution.

We need your support for our campaign to help educate the rest of the UK about why this Rule is so very wrong; to help us protect the Housing Associations that we may lose through bankruptcy, and our Government’s want to sell off the entire social housing stock.

Since November, we have been gathering letters from sufferers of this heartless legislation, which are intended both to educate people, and to convince the Government they have made a grave mistake primarily targeting the disabled and low paid, while the Housing Associations have to pay the price.

This campaign has already featured in the Mirror. Further we have a website called which explains everything we do.

The personal petition’s letters are being delivered through a march on Saturday, July 13, at 1pm, from Parliament Sq to Downing St, to deliver the petition to Number 10; then onto Trafalgar Square, for a moments silence for the lives we have lost in this horrible situation.

You can submit your letters for inclusion in the petition to be delivered to Downing Street on July 13 at

Jessica McCarnun and

Dr Stephen Lathwell