Protest in the Peaks

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Trail-riding enthusiasts took to the Peak District once again in protest against proposals to ban motorised vehicles from two green-lanes in the national park.

Around 150 vehicles took to the roads on Sunday, November 25, in the third ‘Back to Tarmac’ protest.

While previous campaigns had focussed on minor roads in the Peak Park, this time disgruntled trail-riders and four-wheel drivers travelled along major roads in a bid to bring more attention to their cause.

Protest spokesman Richard Simpson said: “It is not our intention to cause delays on the road or any economic damage, but we must highlight our cause.

“We can currently access two per cent of the routes in the Peak Park, and now the Authority is planning to ban or restrict us on many of those routes too.”

Protesters drive at speeds of 25mph – which, if banned from the trails, they will be forced to do