Protesters campaign in Matlock against pig farm

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Animal rights protesters descended on Matlock to campaign against plans for a factory farm.

Derby Animal Rights turned in force out at County Hall to represent public opposition to a farm that Midland Pig Producers want to build in Foston.

The planning application was re-submitted by Midland Pig Producers and activists with placards, leaflets and a petition called on Derbyshire County Council to reject the plans.

A spokesman for Derby Animal Rights said: “Factory farms are extremely cruel. ”

He also added it would be a blight on the countryside.

But Midland Pig Producers state on their website this will not be a “mega farm”.

The statement adds: “Emotive comparisons about indoor farming versus outdoor farms have run rife. In fact the vast majority of pigs in the UK are not reared outdoors. Usually those born outside are then transferred swiftly to an indoor facility. We believe there is a place for all methods of farming and not just one.”