Public transport cuts

Derbyshire County Council has agreed to cut its public transport budget over two years to save £3.12m due to the economic climate and Government spending cuts.

It aims to:

1. Stop council subsidies on 42 bus services, meaning some services will stop running and others will have routes changed.

2. Stop council subsidies for 73 school bus services for children who don’t automatically qualify for free home to school transport because they live under the statutory walking distance from school or don’t go to a normal, closer area school.

3. Reduce the subsidy for teenage b_line2 card holders from 50per cent to 33per cent on buses and trains.

4. Stop half-price train travel for elderly and disabled Gold Card holders and introduce a £1 per single trip charge on community transport Dial-a-Bus services.

Let us know if you have any views on these changes...