Put your own house in order

Cllr Cartwright, there have been no interventions opposing housing development at council meetings – Tansley residents are aware of the procedures related to public speaking.

Our representations may have made you and your fellow councillors uncomfortable – however residents have only attended your meetings because they are concerned at the lack of genuine debate and transparency on planning issues.

You are of course aware that the majority of villages in the Derbyshire Dales have had Housing Needs Assessments. I am sure that, like me, you know these assessments showed a need for homes in all the villages assessed.

What you call ‘interventions’ have simply been attempts to question the basis for allocation of development by Derbyshire Dales District Council. Development is supposed to be based on the Hierarchy of Settlements.

The local authority’s assertion that the most sustainable settlements – i.e. those with good public transport, shops, chemists, pre-school etc. – should be allocated housing.

I am not sure Tansley falls into this category.

Tansley is the only village mentioned and allocated development in the central area, could you explain the reason for this?

30 houses for a settlement with poor facilities and poor infrastructure, compared with 60 for the market town of Wirksworth, must raise questions in even the most complacent of minds?

One questions why you, and your fellow councillors, are not lobbying for much needed homes in your own constituencies – there is, as we know, a proven need.

Tansley is not against development.

Since 2006 more than 25 homes have been built in the village (some on an exemption site) an additional two homes are under construction, there are building plots for sale or sold.

A recent local survey did however indicate that residents of Tansley were opposed to building on ‘green field sites’ and did not want the settlement boundary moving in any direction.

So may I suggest to the councillor for Cromford, Bonsall and Matlock Bath – all very sustainable settlements – that he put his own house in order and asks pertinent questions before voting on issues that impact upon others.

Vicki Raynes