Put your pets first on dress up day

The Moog in a tie and glasses
The Moog in a tie and glasses

Put your pets first vet chief Andrew Butcher has advised owners for National Dress Up Your Pet Day today.

The chief veterinary officer at MedicAnimal, said: “While it is, of course, a bit of fun and promotes worthy causes, owners must remember to put their pet’s needs and happiness first.

“Although the pet fashion market is booming, this doesn’t mean our pets enjoy being dressed up and, essentially, humanised. It’s difficult to scroll through any social media page and not see a cat in a silly costume or a dog in a jumper. Pets are being used to gain a few extra ‘likes’ on Facebook, while being left feeling humiliated and uncomfortable.

“Just because this is a regular occurrence doesn’t make it ok. Clothing on animals is not only restricting but can cause stress and anxiety.

“If your pet begins to show any signs of stress, remove the costume immediately. Cats and dogs primarily use their ears, tails and body language to tell us when something is wrong, and any clothing that interferes with this could be dangerous for your pet. Additionally, unfamiliar clothing, especially those with flaps or distractions, will only make your animal more and more distressed.

“Of course, fitting your dog with an appropriate and sturdy jacket for cold and wet weather conditions is fine as they have been designed properly to ensure your pet can move about as normal.”