Putting a spin on the vintage shop experience

Shoppers can browse through some trendy goods while listening to cool music at a vintage shop.

Spinderella, in Dale Road, which opened on Saturday, specialises in vintage clothing and furniture, as well as vinyl records and retro hi–fis.

Lee Boden and Joanne Crowley are partners in the business, having previously worked together in Magpie a few doors up.

Lee, of Darley Dale, said: “It’s fashionable to buy 1920s clothing now and we have got a lot of students that are starting to listen to the old vinyl records again.”

The 29–year–old has been deejaying for a number of years and will be in charge of the music side of the shop, while Joanne, of Hackney, will be in charge of the clothing and furniture side.

“We’ve both made jobs out of our hobbies.” Lee said.

“Most of the modern indie bands release their albums on vinyl.

“We’ll be selling anything from rock to blues and jazz and lots of electronic music as well.”

Lee will be putting his record spinning skills to work in his new shop as he plans to DJ live.

“I want it to be like a traditional music shop,” he continued.

Lee will be trying to get guest DJs to play as well as inviting local musicians to perform in the shop.

Lee and Joanne noticed that often when couples go shopping together the woman looks at clothes while the man looks at music, so they are hoping the dual aspect of their business will appeal to both.

They also believe that the position of their shop – on Dale Road near other shops that sell retro items – will work in their favour.

Lee said: “A lot of people will come to Matlock now because they know they can go into shops that sell vintage items.”