Quarry headache for Peak District village

Wensley quarry, taken from Lynda Aylett's home.
Wensley quarry, taken from Lynda Aylett's home.

A village has been literally shaken by renewed works at an old quarry – as tremors from controlled explosions can be felt in people’s homes.

Some residents in Wensley have growing concerns over the noise and visual impact of Tearsall Quarry since work commenced at the site last year.

Lynda Aylett–Green, who has lived at her home in Oker Terrace, Wensley, for five years, commented: “The visual impact is quite dramatic because they have piled up a lot of stuff which you don’t expect.”

She said she could see the pile of stone from her garden, but it is also visible from many places around the area.

Lynda, who is a writer and works from home, said the sound from the quarry is very loud, and when explosions are carried out at the site, she can feel tremors at home.

“You can’t escape it and it’s really not very pleasant,” she said.

“At first you think you can’t complain, but sometimes it really is headache inducing.”

Lynda said she understands that some people would argue the quarry is providing employment to the area, but pointed out that with modern quarrying techniques, very few people were employed there and the ones that are don’t tend to be local.

“You just feel that whatever you say you’re expected to put up with it because it’s a quarry,” she added.

The Peak District National Park Authority is currently monitoring the noise levels that come from the quarry and have made several visits to the site over the past year.

Gary Goodyear, general manager at British Fluorspar Ltd, which owns the quarry, said the firm takes its responsibility to the community very seriously and was working closely with the national park authority.

“We are aware of some concerns around noise and we are undertaking some noise monitoring work,” he added.