Quarter of Dales residents are ‘fuel poor’

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The Derbyshire Dales has the highest level of ‘fuel poverty’ in the entire county, with almost a quarter of residents spending more than ten per cent of their household income on energy.

It is believed that factors such as old, traditionally built houses, conservation area rules – which prohibit fitting budget double glazing – and many rural areas being off the main gas grid all impact the figure.

To combat this, a partnership of 12 Derbyshire based organisations have launched the Cheaper Energy Together initiative – a not-for-profit scheme that encourages people in one area to club together and lobby energy companies for cheaper prices.

Mike Shamash, of Cheap Energy Together, said: “If you go to the energy companies on your own it’s very unlikely that you’ll get a good deal. But if there’s 5,000 of you, then you would be amazed at the savings you can generate.”

For more information visit www.cheaperenergytogether.org.

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