Racing time for go-karts

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Pupils had wheelie good fun – by racing their hand made go-karts.

Youngsters at Darley Churchtown Primary School designed and built the fully working go-karts as part of a class project looking at toys.

The models were created from scrap wood, donated wheels and cardboard.

The children also used power tools – under their teacher’s supervision – to create the racing vehicles.

Next it was time to try out the go-karts – during a racing event at the Whitworth Park, in Darley Dale.

Teacher Libby Eaton said: “We have been doing a history topic on toys and the children decided they wanted to make their own go-karts.

“They have been fantastic – they work – and we raced them in the park.

“We will keep them for the children to use until they fall to pieces.”

Reception pupils also had a chance to create their own miniature models.

They used cardboard boxes to make go-karts for their teddy bears.