Rare parrot stolen from Matlock Garden Centre

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breaking news

Staff at a garden centre are concerned about the well being of a parrot that was stolen from them.

The rare Jardine’s parrot was taken from Matlock Garden Centre, in Nottingham Road, Tansley, earlier today.

The beautiful bird is only 14 weeks old and arrived at the centre yesterday.

Manager Nicki Doran said: “He seemed to be settling in well. He was eating.

“We cleaned the birds out this morning and they come out for a while, then they went back in the cages at 10am.

“At about 11.30am the two lads that work in that section said the parrot was gone.”

Concerned, Nicki rang the police to report the missing bird.

She and her staff then rang nearby pet stores to see if anyone had tried to sell it.

“Even if they are planning to keep it they will still need to buy a cage for it,” Nicki said.

“Our biggest worry is that it is only a baby and the person who has taken it might not know how to care for it properly.

“Even if someone had wanted to buy it I wouldn’t have let them have it yet because it had only just arrived here and it is stressful for them to be moved.”

The parrot was between eight and ten inches tall with dark green feathers and black tips on the wings. It is worth about £700.

Anyone with information about the parrot is urged to either contact the garden centre on 01629 580500 or Derbyshire Police on 101.