Reading the riot act to dozy drivers

Few of us will be surprised to hear that the police have caught plenty of Dales drivers with mobile phones clamped to their ears as they hit the roads across the area.

They were brought to book when officers launched a clampdown targeting the so-called Fatal Four factors that lead to killer road smashes (see page 4).

Driving whilst on your mobile, speeding, being under the influence of drink and drugs, as well as not wearing your seatbelt, all increase the risk of drivers being involved in a fatal crash.

Incredibly, 70 motorists were stopped for not wearing their seatbelts - presumably they thought a simple clunk-click just wasn’t worth the effort, even if it might save them a trip to casualty or worse.

More unbelievable still, was the motorist caught in Cromford reading a newspaper whilst driving along the A6.

Even if it was a completely riveting read like The Mercury, surely nobody is stupid enough to drive AND look at the paper at the same time, are they...?!

To all the dozy drivers out there on our roads: please, next time you get behind the wheel, just make sure you engage your brains as well as the gearbox...