Reduce parking charges today

Almost a year ago our district council mandarins announced the spending of £18,000 on a survey of traders to find out what would help them through these difficult financial times.

I put off criticising the amount being handed to outside consultants on the grounds that maybe it would do some good.

I figured if what we already knew was put in black and white before officers and councillors with the added bonus that hard cash had been spent on the findings then maybe they would listen up.

Well it seems that may well be the case.

There is no huge surprise about the findings of course. All towns hate the parking charges, Matlock is struggling due to the bypass and Sainsbury’s; Bakewell is relying a bit too much on tourism and Wirksworth wants to stay as it is thank you very much.

The results are being discussed by the council tonight and it is expected they will pledge to look at the parking charges.

They need to do more than look at it and should decide immediately to offer everyone free parking for the first hour in town. It really is as simple as that.

Amanda Hatfield, editor