Remember the less able

I was on the bus today Friday and overheard one woman say to the other: 'It's my mother's birthday today. I'm not going to remember it. Why should I, what's she ever done to me?' The other woman did not know what to say.

Friday, 7th December 2018, 12:35 pm
Updated Friday, 7th December 2018, 12:40 pm

Apart from giving birth to the first woman who spoke and then having 15 years or so bringing her up and nurturing her, I don’t suppose her mother did do that much for her! I wondered about the ingratitude. I cannot say ‘of the young’ as the woman concerned looked to be in her mid 30s.

I was waiting for another bus and a retired bus driver was talking to me about the attitude and behaviour of the public. She talked about the double decker bus she was driving being stuck in traffic and the public complaining to her as to why she could not go faster. She explained to them that she could not fly and the bus did not have wings. What was she supposed to do about the traffic all around her? Also about kids bawling and the mothers doing nothing and looking helpless when spoken to by the driver.

I was in the train station very recently buying a ticket and a woman right behind me barged in and wanted to be served whilst I was still putting the ticket in my wallet and preparing to turn away. In a hurry you might say, but that does not excuse her impatience. There were other counters operating, not just mine.

On the other hand I had my faith restored slightly on this front when on the train to Matlock on Saturday, one coach only and everybody stuffed in, I saw a middle aged man with a rucksack on his back and a suitcase give up his seat for a lady passenger, doing this at least four times in a row as the train stopped and started from the various stations between Derby and Matlock. I heard him say that he could do with sitting down in the pub and having a pint after this! I don’t blame him. Squashed as I was in a corner seat and listening to some other person, not the gentlemen I was talking about, making sarky comments about giving up the seats “for the oldies” as he kept putting it! You meet all sorts on the trains!

Do let us hope at Christmas we remember others less able, of all ages not just older people, than ourselves in our merrymaking. Making sure that they too have something to remember Christmas about. Not just the push and shove of ingratitude as the uninformed and ignorant barge their way about on and off the trains and buses! As one burly man standing in the crowd said to another, waiting to get on the train when it arrived at Matlock said: “There’s no queuing here mate!” All for one as they surged in a massive phalanx towards the train door.....!

Brian George

By email

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