RESCUE ME: Blue, An Especially Special Appeal'¦

German Shepherds are a unique lot.

Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 11:28 am

Their eyes seem to see through a different spectrum of colour, their ears hear that bit more acutely, sharper, and their minds work in complex and baffling ways.

To own a Shepherd is an amazing, enlightening experience. But you need to have your wits about you. For Blue, the centre is looking for an owner who is accustomed to the breed’s idiosyncrasies, their oddities and their undeniable Shepherd-ness. But she is so very worth it.

Coming into their care, originally, as little more than a puppy, Blue has had an unfortunately eventful first year of life. At a time when consistency and the foundations of training are so important, she has been through the wringer a bit. Shepherds, more than most, struggle to cope with upheaval and Blue is no exception. But, in spite of it all, her bright spirit shines strongly still. Her smile can light a room, her eyes can thaw the thickest of ice and her heart holds you to her like flame-drawn moths.

Blue’s favourite things are those which occupy her heart and mind, she loves being fussed and cuddled – whether that is while politely sat at your feet or, less politely, sat on your knee with her huge paws draped across your shoulders, her nose touching yours – and she loves her toys, the soft ones, tuggy ones, squeaky ones, rubber ones, bouncy ones, any other one she can find. She loves carrying them around in her mouth, triumphantly, bowing, trying to get you to chase her, joy in her eyes. She is very responsive when tasty treats are on offer and is remarkably intuitive when it comes to knowing what she has to do to attain them.

She is very people-centric in general, perhaps too much, to the extent that she becomes highly excited and giddy when she is around them. She places people on a pedestal, worships them almost. For both her and her new owners’ happiness, she would benefit massively from learning some self-control and the ability to self-settle. She tends to forget herself when people are involved and can become mouthy and overly stimulated.

Beneath the manic energy and bouncing wildness is the sweetest of dogs, Blue is just a baby trying to make her way in a world that is hard and harsh, a world which struggles to find a place for those who are different, those who don’t quite fit. She is the sunshine that breaks the dawn. She is the smile on your face. She is the pain in your neck, on occasion. She is our wild and beautiful rose. And the centre wouldn’t have her any other way.

Please, if you think you can offer her what she needs, please get in touch. She needs a special home, a special home for a special girl. Please.

Blue is likely to need the support of an - APDT dog trainer and/or an APBC registered animal behaviourist to help her settle into a new home. She is looking for an owner who is able to provide her with this support and has previous experience of training German Shepherds using reward-based training methods. Due to her keen intelligence and high work drive, she would be well-suited to performing dog sports, such as working trials or tracking/nose work activities. Keeping her mentally and physically stimulated will be a massive help when managing and handling her.

For more information about Blue and to discuss her training and welfare needs, contact the Chesterfield Animal Centre on 01246 273358.

The rescue centre has said “She is one of the most wonderful, rewarding, loving dogs that we have ever had the pleasure of working with and we know that, given the right home environment, Blue will make an unforgettable and incredible best friend.”