Rescue team come to aid of starving sheep on Baslow rockface

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Rescuers came to the aid of a distressed sheep as it stood precariously on a Peak District precipice.

Derby Mountain Rescue Team cut their training short on Sunday after spotting the animal on a ledge at Gardom’s Edge, near Baslow.

A rope rescue system was set up and a team member was lowered on a ledge adjacent to the worried animal so as not to startle it too much and risk it jumping from the ledge.

The team member was then able to jump over to the sheep’s ledge and grab the it before it had time to bolt.

The animal was emaciated and all the vegetation on the small ledge had been completely eaten away, indicating it had been trapped there for some time.

The rescuer then climbed to the top of the crag, hauling the sheep up with him until he was able to release the grateful casualty.