Rescue team’s blizzard battle to reach patient

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A dialysis patient who required urgent treatment made it to hospital in heavy snow, thanks to St John Ambulance’s 4x4 ambulance and crew.

The team were called to assist 76-year-old Trevor Lowe, of Lea, get to hospital as he was struggling to breathe.

St John Ambulance volunteer Clive Dennis, who crewed the vehicle with wife Christine, said: ‘The patient did his own dialysis at home but one of the tubes had become blocked so he needed to get to hospital to get it sorted out. He had been suffering from a chest infection and was struggling with his breathing.”

On the way to Mr Lowe’s home, the team battled blizzard conditions and navigated their way past numerous abandoned vehicles.

“Near to the house the snow was at least one foot deep and we couldn’t get right up to the house to begin with.

“Luckily the neighbours helped us clear the drive but it took four of us 45 minutes before we could get him into the vehicle.

“Without a 4x4 he wouldn’t have got out,” said Clive.

Despite the drama, Mr Lowe made it to Derby Royal Infirmary for the treatment he required and is now in good condition.