Rescue teams use phone technology to find stranded couple

RESCUE teams were able to locate a couple stranded at the weekend- thanks to a smart phone

Both the Edale and Buxton Mountain Rescue teams were called to Edale on Sunday evening to locate the couple from the Bedford area.

They had been walking on Kinder Scout and telephoned for assistance after one of the party had sustained an ankle injury and was unable to walk. The injured woman she was also becoming cold, and they gave their location as somewhere between Ringing Roger and Madwoman’s Stones which is on the south eastern side of the Kinder Plateau.

They were using a smart phone which was connected to the internet and had an inbuilt geographical locator.

A system known as SARLOC which has been developed by Ogwen Mountain Rescue Team in Snowdonia pinpoints the phones location and this technology was used by search managers to establish their location as near Druids Stone.

A spokesman for the rescue team said: “As far as I am aware this is the first time this technology has been used by mountain rescue teams in the Peak District operationally.”