Residents get together for party to raise awareness of the international Gaza crisis

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A group of residents from Biggin have held a ‘free Palestine party’ in response to the situation in Gaza, at the same time as celebrating a woman’s 70th Birthday.

The group gathered at Ramblers Barn in Biggin, and held their banner to deliver a clear message, to ‘free palestine’.

The party was also in celebration of Janice Page’s 70th birthday, it took place on Bank Holiday Monday, August 25.

Olive, 93, pictured right, joined in with the party, she and her family want to make a call for peace and an end to opression.

She has been campaigning and asking the world to listen to international concerns for many years, she said that everybody is the same.

She added: “I think if people start to learn about eachothers backgrounds, we will understand that we are all actually the same.

“This leads to better understanding, and eventually, peace.”

The awareness raising comes in response to the Gaza crisis, which related to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The ‘Free Palestine’ movement’s mission is to challenge Israeli policies and actions that deny Palestinians their human rights, and in particular, the right of unfettered access to all of Palestine.

The movement adheres to the principals of non-violence in direct actions that exercise Palestinian rights in defiance of restrictions imposed by Isreali authorities.