Response is short-sighted

Inspector Hall’s predictable response to Mr Wardle’s letter about officers lurking on Station Road in Darley Dale, just serves to prove exactly how out of touch the police are with the worries of the public they are paid to serve.

If he genuinely believes the public are delighted to read about officers setting up multi-agency ambushes to catch the evil villains who forget to wear their seat belts, haven’t renewed their road tax,or have used a bit of red diesel, then it just shows why they have lost so much public respect.

The road safety issues are of course valid, but the fact is, there will always be accidents and we are definitely getting into the law of diminishing returns here.

Maybe we are just lucky that the Derbyshire Dales is such a low crime area, but if the police are being deployed as assistant tax collectors then maybe a few more spending cuts are exactly what we need.

JM Pearce

Over Haddon