Results day for A Level students

STUDENTS across the Dales anxiously collected their A Level results last week – putting an end to a long summer of waiting.

Hordes of pupils headed to their respective schools on the morning of Thursday 16 August to find out their overall result from two years of hard work.

Whether the result was better or worse than expected on the day, it’s safe to say that the sense of relief from students was overwhelming.

Laura Hampson, of Highfields School, said: “It’s been a tough time revising for my exams but I’m ever so happy with my result.

“I’ll be going to Huddersfield this September to study pharmacy – which was my first choice.”

Alex Harker, of Highfields, said: “I’ve got into Liverpool University to study maths and science, so I’m really happy.

“Liverpool’s where I wanted to go all along and I cannot wait to get there.”

While the majority of students had plans to head to university this September, others were had different plans.

Joe Cook, of Highfields, said: “I’m doing an apprenticeship at County Offices which I’m looking forward to.”

Whatever students were planning to do with their future, once the results had sunk in, pupils got straight to the next task – planning the ways they were going to celebrate.

Many said they were heading for drinks with friends, while others were opting to spend time with family for restaurant meals.

Alice Dick, of Highfields, said: “It’s been such a stressful time revising and waiting so we’re all off to Chesterfield tonight to celebrate.

“I’m heading to Sussex University to study History this September and I cannot wait.”

Eventually the groups of happy students, proud parents, and excited siblings left the school grounds on the quest for new horizons.

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