Reunion fun fundraising

Through your columns we just wondered if I could mention a recent event that was organised by past pupils from Charles White School, Starkholmes Matlock, now Highfields.

A reunion took place at Starkholmes Village Hall last month, attended by classmates from thirty years ago with the infamous “Charlie’s Disco” keeping one and all entertained as stories and friendships were rekindled.

It was also decided to try and raise some funds for several local charities with Cancer research having their funds boosted by £100, and Alzheimer’s Society, Ashgate Hospice and Cystic Fibrosis all receiving £50 each.

Many thanks must go to all who attended the night which ,was a great success, and gave so generously to these local causes.

The “committee” trust you enjoyed the night and hopefully we’ll see you and many others at the next one.

Lou ,Ali, Christine, Tracey and Rob.

Ex Charles White School pupils,

Starkholmes, Matlock.