REVEALED: Your thoughts on whether we do enough to honour our war heroes

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After a weekend when remembrance was at the forefront of our minds we can reveal whether YOU think enough is done to mark the memory of those who make the ultimate sacrifice for us.

On Friday we asked...

Do you think we do enough to honour those who fight - and die - for our country?

A huge 83 per cent said that not enough was done.

Patricia Bassett was one of them. She said: “NO, nowhere near enough. There’s not enough RESPECT for our HEROES past and present. “THIS IS ENGLAND, or so I thought it was. Many would be turning in their graves at the sight of our country , what they paid the ultimate sacrifice for. LEST WE FORGET.”

Mark Roddy added: “A very big no.”

While Ann Frost commented: “No, we were bought up to respect 11th Nov in honour of those who made the biggest sacrifice for us and I’m trying to do the same with my family. It should be a topic in schools ever year. It must never be allowed to be forgotten.”