Review: Barbara Nice and Wes Zaharuk at Bakewell Baking Festival

Comedy’s favourite housewife Barbara Nice brought the crowd to their feet as she kicked off her sandals, put down her Bag for Life and stage-dived into the audience.

Bonkers Barbara swam her way along a sea of outstretched hands which led from the stage to the back of the tent at Bakewell Baking Festival.

A triumphant chorus of Let It Go crowned the comedy night in the chandelier-lit marquee which Barbara likened to the ice palace in Frozen.

Barbara was no ice queen, however, her warm and homely humour going down a bomb on Saturday night.

Trips to Ikea - or Ickea as she called it - bargain clothes as TK Maxx and pedometers were thrown into the mix.

She incorporated the baking theme into her opening gambit by saying that her surname came from Nice biscuits and the audience would have to make do with her because Jenny Eclair was unavailable.

A pigging great show from a talented performer.

Zany Wes Zaharuk blew onto the stage in true tour de force fashion, his self-deprecating, unashamedly anarchic delivery making him one of the most original comedians on the block.

The Canadian mirth-master spun comedy gold out of sketches using sink plungers, a vacuum cleaner, a leaf blower and masking tape.

One of his “victims” was covered in billowing toilet paper then had a cigar literally whipped out of his mouth in Indiana Jones-style.

A bare-chested Wes briefly cocooned himself in a body tube and emerged in a full set of clothes for the finale. Sheer magic!