Riddle of the stones easily solved on line

I am puzzled as to the exact extent of Peter Keeble’s “extensive research” with reference to the ‘triptych’ in Long Dale, near Pikehall (Mercury, May 16).

An enquiry at any local Tourist Office, library, etc, or even the use of the Internet , should have revealed that the said item was part of the “Sites of Meaning”, a millennium project set up by the people of Middleton (by Youlgreave) and Smerrill.

It marks the seventeen places where public footpaths cross the parish boundary with boundary stones, each inscribed with a text chosen by members of the parish. A public manifestation of private thoughts and feelings at the start of a new millennium.

All the information can be obtained by accessing the www.sitesofmeaning.org.uk website.

The Bakewell Tourist office may still have a comprehensive leaflet. To visit all the sites on one go can be achieved in an approx. 13 mile / 6 hour walk. It is well worth the effort !

Nick Stephens

(Derbyshire Dales Ramblers)