Rotary’s efforts to defeat polio are blooming

Matlock residents and visitors passing by the Tump on Asker Lane will not fail to see the purple crocuses that are now part of the landscape at this time of the year.

Members of the Rotary Club of Matlock planted the bulbs two years ago as part of a National campaign to increase awareness of Polio.

President Peter Wigglesworth of Matlock Rotary thanked the people of Matlock who over the past few years have supported the various fund raising events held by the club in support of this major Rotary Project.

In the past few days global leaders and philanthropists signaled their confidence in a new polio endgame strategy by pledging US$4 billion towards the plan’s projected US$5.5 billion cost to eradicate polio within the next six years.

The new plan capitalizes on the best opportunity to eradicate polio, with the number of children paralysed by this disease at the lowest level ever: just 223 cases in 2012 and only 22 so far this year in only three countries worldwide.

Rotary members have been advocating for government supportof the polio eradication programme through meetings with world leaders and public awareness events to deliver financial commitments in support of the new end game strategy.

These efforts played a key role in global leaders announcing their confidence in the plan’s ability to achieve a polio-free world by 2018 and their support for its implementation.