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WALK: The Cavendish WI Group, made up of members of Darley Dale, Elton, Matlock, Rowsley, Starkholmes and Whatstandwell WIs, met for the annual summer walk.

This year it was the turn of Rowsley WI to organise the walk. Members met at Rowsley Village Hall on Thursday June 20th, eve of the summer solstice. It had been a lovely sunny afternoon but the heavens opened and it poured down at 6 o’clock. Kath, Rowsley’s president, sat at the door welcoming the damp visitors and Tanya Thomas, the member leading the walk was very pleased when 18 ladies said they were willing to walk on the path to Stanton Woodhouse where people were heading to Nine Ladies Stone Circle for the solstice.

The remaining members all seemed very happy to relax and have a good laugh and natter at the same time as working in groups to answer 4 different sets of quiz questions. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Rowsley members were busy making sandwiches and setting out the cakes and biscuits kindly supplied by members. Thanks to Celia for doing all the necessary shopping.

In spite of the weather the dripping visitors returned with smiles on their faces saying how much they had enjoyed the walk and felt better for the experience and good company. A big Thank You to Tanya for leading the walk.

Everybody then relaxed and tucked into the super-supper along with many cups of tea and coffee. Answers were given for the various quizzes and prizes distributed. In spite of the weather the evening was voted a great success.