Rubbish left outside home after bin bags are split

Jenny Daniels and son Joe
Jenny Daniels and son Joe

A waste management company has vowed to monitor collections after a mother complained of rubbish being left outside her home.

Jenny Daniels, of Charnwood Terrace, Matlock Bath, complained to Derbyshire Dales District Council after finding rubbish on the ground outside her home after the bin men had been.

Due to the steep location of the house, residents cannot have a wheelie bin and have to put their rubbish out in sacks.

“They split the bag, they left the rubbish all by the side of our door,” she said.

The same thing had also happened six weeks before and Jenny believes the rubbish attracted mice to her home. Jason Holtom, partnership director for Serco, which operates the waste and recycling collection service for the council, said: “We visited Jenny and explained that due to the situation of her property, which is accessed by steps, our teams have to make long trips to the collection vehicle. Unfortunately, as a result of this, on occasions bags have split.

“We’ve promised Jenny that we will carefully monitor her collections over the next few weeks and have assured her that if the problem does recur any spillages will be cleared. We’re pleased to say Jenny was satisfied with our proposals.”