Rubbish should be taken home

It was a busy weekend in the Peaks and Dales and our streets, cafes, pubs and shops were packed to capacity.

The good weather brought out the tourists and local people who wanted to enjoy our lovely towns and landscapes.

What a shame that they leave so much rubbish behind.

A bumper bank holiday weekend is a godsend to our economy and fantastic news for the county but it seems our infrastructure is sorely tested by their littering.

Derbyshire Dales District Council did a fantastic job in making sure that what was dumped on our streets was bagged up and carted off to the tip and by Tuesday morning you would hardly have known anyone had been here.

But if you were out and about on Monday afternoon then you will have seen that the busy areas bore more resemblance to landfill sites than quaint market towns.

Litter bins were overflowing with chip cartons and bottles.

Provisions were made for the extra customers a bank holiday brings but it wasn’t enough and the council is now having to rethink its strategy.

But it can’t all be down to the council.

At some stage people have to take responsibility for themselves and if the bin is full then they should hang on to their rubbish and – shock horror – even consider taking it home.

A smelly chip carton may not be what they want in the car as they drive back from their day out – but in that case why would anyone think that we should put up with their leftovers stacked on top of a litter bin.

I am sure there is a law against leaving litter on the outside of a bin – presumably the same one as there is to stop people dropping it in the street.

Somehow we need to find a way to enforce the law so those too lazy to take their rubbish with them are prosecuted or at least cautioned.

We have enough CCTV cameras on the go –why don’t we use the pictures to shame the culprits so that next time they will think again before dumping their trash?

Amanda Hatfield, editor