Sad at the sour grapes

Having read and re-read Mr Burfoot’s letter several times, I am still at a loss as to what point he attempts to make. As the Labour candidate in his ward, I take offence at his remarks of running “a cynical electoral strategy”.

He begins with a disgruntled rant about the Alternative Vote referendum, and the refusal of the electorate of the Derbyshire Dales to accept it. Maybe they just took on board Nick Clegg’s words, before his U-turn stating it was a poor alternative. As for the First Past the Post System, I don’t seem to remember any letters of complaint in past years when the result was in your favour, Mr Burfoot, (in fact I think you were once elected using this system.)

Mr Burfoot’s letter confuses me as he bemoans the loss of “one of the more effective Conservative councillors”, then goes on to whinge about the loss of a Lib-Dem councillor.

Am I correct in interpreting this as just anti Labour?

I wonder if Mr Burfoot can back up his outrageous claims that “Labour councils have imposed more punitive cuts than Tory and Lib-Dem councils” I doubt it, as there is no fact in this statement.

As for his empty claims that Lib-Dem councillors have campaigned for eight years on the parking issues affecting Matlock residents, I must ask what have they achieved in this eight years of campaigning?

I am truly saddened that what I considered to be a good, honest and open election campaign, has resulted in sour grapes.

I think the Matlock electorate are intelligent enough to form their own opinion and cast their vote accordingly. We should welcome the result without complaint and certainly without bitterness.

Andy Botham

Smedley Street