Safety risk for Derbyshire child passengers

Safety chiefs in Derbyshire are appealing to families after a survey revealed that one in five parents often let their children travel without sitting in a child car seat.

Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership chairman Mike Ashworth said: “Failing to use the right child car seat is dangerous and puts youngsters at serious risk.

“Research has shown that adult seatbelts can’t protect small children effectively – that’s why the law says that passengers under the age of 12 must use some form of child car seat unless they are taller than 135cm.”

Mike added: “Seats must be fitted properly to offer maximum protection. Retailers can help parents to choose the right seat for each stage of their child’s development and should always teach them how to fit the seat they’ve purchased.”

The research by child car seat manufacturer Britax also revealed that, a quarter of parents do not know how to fit their child’s seat. A fifth of parents would allow their child to travel in a car with someone who didn’t provide a car seat and nearly a third of parents do not always have time to make sure their child is sitting safely in their car seat at all times.

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