Sainsbury’s plan set for go-ahead

Sainsbury’s extension looks set to get the green light – despite fears it could jeopardise the development of Bakewell Road, in Matlock.

Planners have recommended the supermarket giant’s application – which could see the store at Cawdor Way grow by over 50 per cent and a single-deck car park built – is approved.

But Derbyshire County Council claims the scheme could undermine plans for a retail development in Bakewell Road.

The county council’s report states: “It would appear that there is a potentially suitable, viable and available site at Bakewell Road, which could accommodate the floorspace in the proposed extension.”

It adds: “The proposed extension might be considered likely to jeopardise and undermine emerging proposals for the development of a sizeable retail development on the Bakewell Road site.”

Fourteen residents have raised objections to the proposals with concerns that the extension will be out-of-keeping for the town and fears it could draw trade away from the town centre.

Matlock Civic Association also raised concerns about the visual impact of the potential new car park, but said it supported the scheme in principle, and Matlock Town Council backed the plans but called for the new car park to be redesigned.

Planners at Derbyshire Dales District Council have welcomed the application, saying it will improve customer choice, reduce unnecessary travel and create around 80 jobs.

They also add the town can support both Sainsbury’s expansion and any future convenience store in Bakewell Road.

But conditions have been imposed on the scheme which mean Sainsbury’s will have to pay for new CCTV cameras and contribute towards maintaining and extending public transport services which serve the development.

The plans will see the store widen its product ranges and include a new customer cafe on a mezzanine level, a learning centre and the entrance will be relocated.

Provision for cyclists is set to be improved and the cash machines will be relocated.

Sainsbury’s hosted an exhibition of the plans in the store in November.

Over 200 people submitted responses to the scheme with 47 per cent supporting the scheme, 24 per cent supporting some of it, 28 per cent not in support and one per cent not clearly indicating.

The application is set to be decided by Derbyshire Dales District Council on Tuesday at 6pm in Matlock Town Hall.