Salute those behind Legion

On Sunday, August 28, I attended a celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the founding of Wirksworth British Legion.

It brought home to me the need for such an organisation that remembers those who gave and still give of their lives in the nation’s wars,

They also remind the nation of the cost and consequences of war, but they are also there to remake and start the healing process by caring and supporting those injured and the families of those who either lost their lives or are badly injured in such wars.

A celebration richly deserved but better still a tribute to the members of the British Legion who have never forgot, and continue to remind us of the cost of wars and who have raised money to care for the ex service personnel and their families through the nine decades here in Wirksworth and beyond.

It is worth flying the flag, so take time this week if you pass the Wirksworth Memorial Gardens with the Legion’s Flag flying and salute in thanksgiving the people who remember, remind and remake lives in the aftermath of our wars.

Cllr Irene Ratcliffe