Save water plea as reservoir dries up

SP90161 Ogston reservoir
SP90161 Ogston reservoir

People are being urged to save water after water levels at a Dales reservoir fell to less than half full.

Ogston Reservoir is just 40 per cent full thanks to the recent dry weather.

And Severn Trent Water warned that water restrictions could be on the way if there’s no rain in the next few months.

A spokeswoman for Severn Trent Water said: “Ogston Reservoir is the lowest reservoir we have at the moment, it’s at 40 per cent of capacity. It’s literally just down to the weather.

“We’ve had the driest seven months since 1976. It was really dry in April and May. We had just 13 per cent of our annual average rainfall in April.”

“We’ve reduced the demand on Ogston Reservoir and we’re shuffling water around the grid.

“We’re taking water from other sources so we are not draining it too much. We’re balancing our reservoirs and river and ground water.”

And she admitted that if the dry weather continues residents could see restrictions such as hosepipe bans introduced in a bid to save water.

She said: “It’s not a crisis at the moment, but if the weather continues to be hot and sunny and dry we can’t rule out any restrictions. If it rains next week things will completely change again. We’re entirely weather dependent.”

While the weather remains dry, Severn Trent Water is asking people to try a nd save water.

The company is encouraging people to try and be more ‘waterwise’, with gardeners being encouraged not to leave sprinklers on.

The spokeswoman said: “We’re asking our customers to be sensible and try and save water. We’d like them to not leave sprinklers on overnight.

“Anything people can do to be a bit more waterwise would be a big help.

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