School can be a success again

It is always a huge disappointment for any school which gets a bad report from Ofsted.

And it will be all the worse for the staff, pupils and parents at Highfields as the school enjoyed such a good reputation in the past.

But the system is set up to make sure failing schools are spotted before it is too late and with a new head teacher on board I am sure Highfields can turn this problem around.

He says he knew when he took on the job that it wasn’t going to be easy and that there were issues to be sorted and he says he and his team are already on to them.

But however fantastic the teaching staff and the running of the school, it will still rely on the support and hard work of all the students with the support of their families.

We hear it all the time from schools which have bucked the trend and turned themselves around – it is down to discipline and respect.

If the students respect the staff and the rules laid down by them, then they will flourish.

Parents can play a big part in making sure the students respect the new head teacher and what he is trying to do.

I am confident that in 12 months we will be applauding the changes at Highfields.

Amanda Hatfield, editor