School goes radio gaga

castle view radio show
castle view radio show

Children at Castle View Primary School broadcast a radio show live to the world for the second time this year.

On Thursday, June 16, Year Five and Six pupils planned, wrote, scripted and then broadcast the Castle View Classic Show to the school, parents and beyond via a live internet stream.

The show included news reports, interviews, a chart show, adverts, sports results and two radio plays written by the children.

The pupils had to write a letter to apply for their jobs and once roles were finalised, they had to work together to produce and co-ordinate the broadcast.

The news reporters each wrote and broadcast an article of school news, covering such hot topics as sports day, a school trip and the Fairtrade Football tournament.

The production assistants recorded interviews and plays and the presenters had to display their reading skills.

Teacher Jeremy Wray said: “The children had great fun and worked really hard to create a fantastic broadcast. The production was very professional and you’d never have known there were a few nervous children around on the day.”