School pals reunited

Highfields school reunion
Highfields school reunion

Former classmates came together in Matlock for a school reunion.

Around 90 of Highfields school’s first students met at the town’s rugby club on Saturday.

Back in 1982 they were the first ever year of pupils to start at the school which was still a building site.

As the classmates have all turned 40 they wanted to relive their happy school days once more.

Organiser Debbie Steeples said: “It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces, there was screams of recognition and delight as people arrived.

“The money left over from the event will be used to commemorate the lives of classmates who are no longer with us.”

Richard Wright said, on the group’s facebook page: “Brilliant night, great to catch up with people I had forgotten (and did not recognise).

“Great to remember what a hangover feels like as well.”