School’s festive productions show lots of imagination

Dancing kings, a moody donkey and a very sleepy sheep put a new spin on a school’s festive offering.

Pupils from class 1 at Buxworth Primary School staged Baubles about a caretaker and mice who set to work to create decorations for a Christmas tree. In doing so, the caretaker helps the children to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.

Shades of a well-known TV talent show came into play with a production from the children of class 2. Fairy tale characters competed for the FT Factor Award. judged by Big Bad Wolf, Sleeping Beauty,Princess Aurora and Prince Charming.

this show was always going to be...interesting. But add to it the competing teams: Tinkerbelle and the Twinkles; the Band of Baddies; Captain Hook and the Wild Boys; Belle and the Babes plus ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Born to be Wild’ and ‘Time Warp’and there you have it!! The perfect feel-good show!

Thank youDanc