Scores of lollipop men and women could be axed in Derbyshire

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Council chiefs are proposing to remove lollipop men and women from almost 40 sites across the county from July.

The familiar sight of children being helped to cross the road on their way to school may soon be no more at 36 locations where there are traffic lights or zebra crossings.

The lunchtime service at seven sites is also under threat and any locations which become vacant as a result of staff leaving may not be provided with another crossing patrol.

Nineteen sites which are currently vacant would not be provided with a crossing patrol under the plans.

When it announced the proposals last year, Derbyshire County Council said it was considering removing all crossing patrols around the county.

However, it has found funding which means it will be able to keep them at 93 locations.

The council – which needs to save £157million by 2018 – is expected to approve a 12-week consultation with members of the public and staff on the controversial plans at a meeting next week.

Councillor Dean Collins, the council’s cabinet member for highways, transport and infrastructure, said: “We’ll consult with families, school children, schools and the public later in the year before any decisions are made.”

Click HERE and look from page nine to see a list of affected sites.