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A Bakewell brewery has launched a competition to find the nation’s best home brewed beer.

Thornbridge brewery, based in Bakewell, has teamed up with Nicholson’s pubs to launch the Great British Home Brew Challenge 2011.

The winner will see their brew recipe transformed into a production brew by Thornbridge Brewery and made available through Nicholson’s 100 pubs across the UK.

Simon Webster from Thornbridge said: “The Home Brew Challenge 2011 will provide home brewers with an opportunity to match their beers against those of other enthusiasts, and have them tasted by a panel of expert beer judges.”

Full details and entry forms are now available from

Thornbridge’s Simon Webster says “the Challenge will be a celebration of the British tradition of brewing with the aim of creating a great new beer and for people to try and embrace many of the new flavours in beers from across the world. As we do in our brewers at Thornbridge we will look for Passion, Innovation and Knowledge as key factors in the judging”.

Happy brewing!

Craft brewing has had a resurgence across the world during the past few years and is having a fantastic influence on the brewing industry in the UK. With over 750 breweries now operating, the range of beers styles available has never been greater. Many of the beers brewed in today’s new wave of breweries are brewed by professionally qualified brewers, others brewed by those that have developed skills through brewing at home. This reflects the tradition of brewing beer in the UK which until the advent of commercial breweries was in the main done at home and often by the woman of the house.

Recognising this great tradition of home brewing See (from 1/9/2011) for entry details.

Ben Lockwood of Nicholson’s says “the UK has a great tradition of home brewing. In many countries home brewers work closely with fulltime brewers and new approaches and recipes for beers are often discovered. With this Challenge we can offer the home brewer a chance to have their beer professionally produced and then served in over 80 traditional British pubs. This should be a very interesting competition and whilst serious hopefully great fun for all involved”.