Seeing red over traffic lights across the Dales

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I am writing in response to your recent article on the traffic lights at Cromford.

Whilst I can’t specifically comment about these traffic lights, I think the problem is also evident elsewhere in the locality, specifically on Dale Road in Matlock where new traffic lights were installed during the construction of the Sainsbury’s bypass.

In the case of these traffic lights, I have noticed a timing problem that results in long queues of traffic that extend back towards Matlock Bath on a regular basis.

I have been in touch with the Derbyshire Highways department on numerous occasions, but they dismiss my complaint and claim that there is not a problem.

Specifically, the problems seem to occur when pedestrians are using the crossing near to Indigo furniture. The traffic lights seem to be synchronised such that only about 6 or 8 cars can get through on each sequence change. By the time the pedestrian crossing lights go green, the main junction lights on the bridge are turning back to red. This quickly results in queues on busy days.

It is definitely a problem with the sequencing of lights on Dale Road, as there is never a queue of traffic on the other side of the junction passing the Sainsbury’s store.

My suggestion to Derbyshire Highways at the time was to move the crossing so that it is actually on the junction at the end of the bridge (as per the other crossings), but as they refuse to admit that there is a problem it has come to nothing.

An even better solution would be to close the bridge to traffic completely, and make the junction a pedestrian crossing only to reduce the queuing time for traffic.

Vehicles from the town centre would all then use the roundabout at the other end of the Sainsbury’s bypass.

Concerned motorist

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