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Dynamite ready for his last journey with farmer Sarah Fowler and daughter Emily
Dynamite ready for his last journey with farmer Sarah Fowler and daughter Emily
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IN April we launched a challenge to find out more about the production of organic lamb on a local farm – by following it from farm to fork.

We have been watching the life of Dynamite at Garden Farm in High Leas.

As part of our Food Glorious Food campaign we are now offering readers the chance to win some fantastic organic meat on sale at the farm.

To be in with a chance of winning, we want you to send us your favourite lamb recipes.

The best recipe ideas we receive – ideally using the lesser well-known cuts of meat – will be printed in the Mercury and the winners will be rewarded with a joint of lamb.

We have four prizes worth £35 to give away as part of the promotion which will include two roasting joints, some chops, neck or breast and ribs. Plus some offal.

The winners will also get a chance to take a tour of Garden Farm, which is run by Tim Sidaway and his wife Sarah Fowler who took over the business in January and hope to develop it as a community hub.

Local food is a topic on the tip of many people’s tongues and as part of our campaign we aim to celebrate the area’s growers and producers and highlight green, ethical and quality food – which is produced right here in the Peaks and Dales.

Tim and Sarah Fowler specialise in rare and heritage breeds of livestock and sell produce direct to customers as much as possible.

This week as the farming cycle continues and the lambs are sent to slaughter a ‘teaser’ ram is being introduced to the ewes ready for the breeding season – and new lambs set for early April.

Sarah Fowler said: “I do feel quite proud sending the lambs off now as we have seen them all the way from birth to the end of their lives.”

She added: “We’ve had fantastic comments from our customers telling us the meat is delicious.

“I think quite a few of our customers do like to know where their meat has come from.

“They can come up to the farm, see how things are done they do feel more connected to the process. They like to know it has been well looked after.

“The meat is coming from a local farm. It has been reared well and it tastes great.

“It isn’t until people taste it that they can appreciate the difference and the quality.”

As part of our feature we also hope to encourage meat-eaters to be less wasteful and why eating a whole animal is ecologically sound and sensible.

Tim Sidaway says supporting nose-to-tail animal eating may be the most sustainable option.

He added: “If you are going to kill an animal you should eat it from the nose to the tail or you are wasting it.

“The lesser known cuts are actually some of the tastiest parts but supermarkets don’t make as much money out of them.”

The farm also offers a Virtual Livestock Keeper Scheme for people who want to keep their own pigs and sheep but do not have the space. They pay a monthly fee for their animal to be looked after on the farm.

To enter the competition to win the meat email your lamb recipes to with the subject Lamb Competition, or write to Lamb Competition, Matlock Mercury, 4 Firs Parade, Matlock DE4 3AS.

Please include your name, address, daytime telephone number and email address if you have one.

The closing date for the competition is Wednesday, October 26, and normal WEL competition rules apply.