Shop switches to online

A cookware shop in Bakewell is set to shut this month to become an online only operation.

After 13 years the Complete Cook Shop in Bakewell will close its doors for the final time at the end of July and make the move to the internet

Owner Roger Lownsbrough said: “Our time in Bakewell has flown by and we have worked hard to build a loyal, local clientele and also of visitors to the area who shop with us when in the area.

“We would like thank all our customers for their patronage, and we look forward to serving you all again via the internet site in the future.”

The shop will now operate from

Roger explained the reasons for the move, saying: “We are under constant pressure from outside forces to be more competitive and this move will certainly give us an edge.

“Having been a bricks and mortar retailer for 35 years, is this a blindfolded leap into the dark?

“Yes, but I hope that the trust built up over the years will work in our favour when visitors to the site are looking for products.”