Show the respect they deserve

I have written to a number of people, but still nothing has been done about dog fouling at Darley Dale Cemetery.

My 18-year-old son, Scott, is at rest in Darley Dale Methodist Cemetery, but he and all those others there are not being shown the respect and dignity they deserve.

It breaks my heart to see dogs allowed to roam free and foul at the cemetery; it’s disgusting and needs to be stopped.

There has been mention of erecting new signs, but there is no evidence of this.

Please, I’m asking the council to do what is right and put signs up and get a higher gate that leads into the cemetery.

Please do something, it’s a disgrace to let this keep happening.

Dogs should be kept on a lead and mess should be picked up as soon as it hits the ground.

Please help to keep this beautiful cemetery looking as it should, I beg of you.

Lorraine Greenhagh

Darley Dale