Sign up for an allotment now

It’s great to have the Matlock Mercury supporting a campaign for more local allotments.

The county council has just announced plans to help Derbyshire residents who don’t have a garden to grow their own fruit and vegetables. Its property team will be looking into the possibility of transferring pockets of unused council land to allotment authorities so as to give residents who like the idea of growing their own produce the chance to have a go. I hope the District Council will soon be doing likewise.

With this in mind can I suggest to all your readers that there has never been a better to time to support the local allotment society? Whether you are already on a waiting list or are simply interested in allotment gardening, by joining the Well Field Allotment Society (WFAS) you will be giving a louder voice to those seeking to protect and increase the number of local plots.

Associate membership of WFAS is £2.50 and not only will you get to see the quarterly national Allotment magazine, you’ll also be invited to take part in social events, our

Annual Show and the discounted seed scheme.

Joining WFAS is the ideal way to prepare for a plot of your own, so while you are waiting to get the plot, why not join today? Simply send a cheque (to “WFAS”) and I’ll add you to out growing waiting list (sorry about the pun!).

Happy gardening

David Jenkinson

WFAS Treasurer

6 Wolds Rise