Silver surfers head online to avoid isolation

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Elderly residents in the Parish of Dethick, Lea and Holloway are set to become cutting-edge silver surfers with the arrival of a new computer club.

The parish recently organised itself into the charity, DHL Together, and wanted to organise basic IT training sessions for local residents to allow them to shop online and keep in touch with family, friends and world events.

However, as the charity could not afford the equipment, business Kira Supplies, of Lea, made their office and equipment available to the residents.

Sue Anscombe, of Kira Supplies, said: “Over the decade we have been based here, the local bus service has been withdrawn. While people are working, and have cars, this is no real issue. However, for the elderly and disabled, isolation is a huge problem.

“This club is a great way for elderly residents to socialise more – both at the club and on the web – and everybody seems to be enjoying it.”

Aspiring silver surfers can go at their own pace and help is always at hand from volunteer experts.