Sites for new homes in Dales revealed

Asker Lane, Matlock
Asker Lane, Matlock

The future of the Dales lies in your hands as council chiefs reveal the sites for potential future housing.

Derbyshire Dales District Council has unveiled the areas of land that could be built upon in Matlock, Wirksworth, Darley Dale and Tansley.

The authority will now launch a six week public consultation to decide where to build 520 new homes in the area over the next 16 years as part of its local plan.

Last month, councillors approved the first stage of the plan without knowing where the potential houses would go – a move which caused concern among some that green spaces could be left open to development and existing settlement boundaries extended.

Eight sites in Matlock have been suggested for the 270 houses specified in the authority’s local plan.

The largest site is off Asker Lane and has the potential to have 179 homes.

The remaining sites are north of Wolds Rise and Gritstone Road, off Moorcroft, Chesterfield Road, at Bentley Bridge, off Dark Lane, Butts Drive, at Pump Close, Starkholmes Road, and at the Old Slaughter House, in Smedley Street.

The plan states that 60 homes are needed for Wirksworth and sites specified there are at Wash Green, Coneygreave House, in Cromford Road, and Almark Garage, Wirksworth.

Earmarked for Darley Dale are 160 houses, the potential sites for which are at the Water Transport Depot, in South Darley, Stancliffe Quarry, off Old Hackney Lane, and at Graceland Nurseries, off the A6.

Four sites in Tansley have been revealed for the 30 homes planned for the village, which are off Nottingham Road, off West Yard and Thatcher’s Lane, Tansley House Gardens, off Church Street, and at Whitelea Nursery.

Deputy leader of the council, Geoff Stevens said it was important that people had their views heard.

“We do need to know what people think about these sites,” he said.

“I’m sure there will be strong feelings on quite a lot of the areas.”

Vicki Raynes, chairman of Tansley Parish Council, said she thought the process the council had taken over the local plan ‘stank’.

“We had one village survey,” she said.

“We had another one last year and we passed both village surveys on to the council.

“Our community said they don’t want any development on green sites and they don’t want the settlement boundary moving at all.”

She questioned why other villages had not been chosen for housing in the local plan.

For a full list of the sites specified, visit www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk and search for ‘local plan’.

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