Sites for new houses in Matlock identified

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Sites where thousands of new house will be built in the Derbyshire Dales by 2033 have been identified.

Sites where thousands of new house will be built in the Derbyshire Dales by 2033 have been identified.

Derbyshire Dales District Council has included 18 central sites as part of its Local Plan, which will be considered by councillors at meetings this month.

In the central area, the sites being considered are seven in Darley Dale, six in Matlock, two in Northwood, one in Cromford, one in Tansley, one in Darley Bridge and one in Wirksworth. These include land at Old Hackney Lane and Halldale Quarry on Matlock Spa Road, land west of Cawdor Quarry, and sites in Wirksworth, Cromford and Darley Dale.

The full list of sites can be seen on the council’s website.

A total of 31 sites - 13 in the southern area -were published last Friday and will be put before councillors at meetings in Matlock on January 18 and 20.

The district council does not control planning in northern areas of the district, which are in the Peak District National Park.

Councillors have formally set a new provisional homes target of 5,847 for the period 2013-2033, of which 2,000 have already been built or have the benefit of planning permission. It is anticipated a further 400 new homes will be built by 2033 in parts of the Derbyshire Dales that lie inside the Peak District National Park.

A borough council spokesman said: “This means that designated development sites, once approved, will need to accommodate the majority of 3,600 new homes over the next 17 years to keep up with a predicted population growth of 8.4 per cent and economic growth that could see around 1,700 new jobs delivered across the district.”

Once approved, the plan will control and guide development in the Derbyshire Dales during the plan period, while protecting the area’s environmental qualities.

An earlier version of the plan was withdrawn at the end of 2014 after a government inspector ruled that the 4,400 new homes target was 2,000 short of what was needed. The district council aims to submit a new plan to Government.

The central area meeting will take place in the Council Chamber at County Hall in Matlock at 6pm on Wednesday, January 20. The southern area meeting takes place on January 18 when the 13 sites considered will be four in Ashbourne, three in Brailsford, three in Doveridge and three in Hulland Ward.

. Sites that have bee identified in the Matlock area are: Slinter Mining Ltd on Cromford Hill Cromford; Bridge Garage, Darley Bridge; land off Old Hackney Lane, Darley Dale (two sites); land off Normanhurst Park, Darley Dale; land to Rear of RBS, Darley Dale; land at Stancliffe Quarry, Darley Dale; land at Old Hackney Lane, Matlock; land at Park Lane, Darley Dale; land off Gritstone Road/Pinewood Road, Matlock; land off Gritstone Road, Matlock (east); Halldale Quarry, Matlock Spa Road, Matlock; land at Matlock Transport Site, Northwood Lane, Northwood; land at 16 Thorncliffe Avenue, Northwood; land west of Cawdor Quarry, Matlock; the former Permanite Site, Matlock; land at Thatchers Croft, Tansley; land off Middleton Road and Cromford Road, Wirksworth.