Starving dog saved from certain death

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A courageous canine’s inspirational fight to stay alive earned him a new name – and now he’s looking for a new home to go with it.

The 12-month-old German Shepherd was dubbed Fergus by rescue workers, as it translates to ‘man of strength’ - a world away from the poor, malnourished pooch presented to Derbyshire Dog Re-homing just a week ago.

He was found in a malnourished state, shivering and covered in open sores roaming the streets of Chesterfield a month after Christmas.

If dog wardens hadn’t found him, he’d have been dead within a week.

Jenny Mark, from Derbyshire Dog Re-homing, said: “It’s not unusual for us to see an increase in the number of stray dogs a month or so after Christmas, but in the past they have been mostly younger dogs. Lately, we’re finding most of the dogs that come to us have been really neglected.”

The dog is now being looked after at the centre and it is hoped he will be able to find a new home soon.

To find out more information about re-homing call 01246 456 781.