Stoney Middleton stone vanishes

The missing stone. Picture: Google.
The missing stone. Picture: Google.

Villagers are calling for the return of an historic stone which has gone missing from Stoney Middleton.

Resident Dawn Stevenson said: “For ever, there was a very large, very heavy stone gate pillar lying against the wall of Cliff Cottage on Mill Lane in the village.

“It’s now disappeared much to the dismay of residents who have known it all of their lives.

“It is a part of the history of the village and has now gone.

“To remove it must have required heavy lifting machinery.

“If somebody has removed it because they felt it was a problem to their vehicle, would they please bring it back.

“It can be placed in the small, lower yard of Cliff Cottage in its original position.

“Its final resting place can then be determined by the village.”